We can assist with Equity and Bond funding rounds


For companies in start-up or growth stage

  • Issue new shares
  • Sell ownership and voting rights in your company with no interest paid
  • Marketing benefits e.g. visibility and brand ambassadors


For established companies with steady cashflow

  • Borrow money from investors worldwide
  • Interest repayments twice a year
  • Loan repaid to investors at the end of the term

The Process

We can guide you through all stages of the process


Decide on suitability of your business

  • Determine Suitability

    Is your business is suitable for this type of funding?

  • Level of Funding

    Determine type of funding (Equity or Bond) Value of funds required and % amount of equity to offer if equity option is chosen

  • Agree our Fees

    Agree on a flexible fee structure for services provided by Venture Assist


Preparation of pitch

  • House Keeping

    Make sure your business is in order: no outstanding credit issues, business plan up and financials up to date

  • Online presence

    Create a landing page and social media graphics to assist promotion of funding campaign

  • Video Script

    Preparation and creation of the script, topics and message to be conveyed in video pitch

  • Filming

    Filming footage, in various locations where necessary, that explains the business and its growth potential and includes the people behind it

  • Editing video

    Cutting the filming down to a 2 to 3 minute video, including, graphics, music and voice overs where required

  • Visual Media

    Presentation graphics and stills that explains the core of your business and its growth potential

  • Written Summary

    A detailed synopsis of the business, its history, market, use of funds, growth potential and the core team


Submission of pitch for approval

  • Populating pitch

    Pitch is uploaded to funding platform

  • Verification

    Documents submitted to verify the company, its promotors and its share offering

  • Make or Break

    Pitch goes for approval to investment committee on funding platform


Pitch goes live on funding platform

  • Hidden pitch

    Pitch goes live to get the funding up to approx 30% from initial investors and to refine pitch

  • Public pitch

    Pitch is made visible and public on funding platform

  • Pitch Marketing

    Live presentation(s) to potential investors, newsletters, updating of business progress


Funding round completion

  • Round is completed

    If target amount is reached then funds are transferred to your business. If not reached, funds are returned to investors

  • Updating of shareholders list

    Simultaneously, investors are added to the your Company’s shareholder list

We combine creative skills together with business to guide you through this process from start to finish.

Before you Start

 The following should be in place


A registered company
A committed team
No unresolved credit issues
A business plan
Financial projections
Online Presence

Optional but preferred

A cornerstone investor(s)
A number of key investors